Greys GR70 9´ #5

Greys GR70 fluestang i klasse #5. En meget god fluestang som passer perfekt til det lette sjøørretfiske eller ørretfiske på fjell eller i elv.


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The GR70 Fly Rod is ideally suited for anglers who have more experience and have developed a good sense of timing and casting techniques. Combining these kinds of fly fishing skills with the GR70 and you will feel like you are literally casting magic.

The GR70 is built from high modulus carbon and this innovative material produces a very light and very sensitive rod body. The GR50 was made of high intermediate modulus carbon that is slightly less stiff than the GR70. The GR70 fly rod's stiffness results in a much more durable and strong core rod that is then specially engineered to avoid any kind of brittleness. 

The high modulus carbon construction combined with a fast action, makes the GR70 incredibly powerful and high performing. The stiffness along with limited flexibility allows the rod to be cast effortlessly when fishing in windy weather. It will also help you to generate longer casts and the strength will help you bring in a fish quicker and easier, especially larger fish.

These 4 piece rods have high quality and creative design features including a 2 part skeletal reel seat with an aesthetically stunning carbon woven spacer. The skeletal reel seat is a benchmark in handle construction design and the light weight materials will keep your rod consistently light in weight from top to bottom. 


High modulus carbon

4 piece construction

2 part skeletal reel seat with carbon woven spacer

AAA cork handle

Hard partitioned rod tube

Rod ID line up marks

Rosareke om denne stangen

Det er ingen hemmelighet at jeg er stor fan av Greys. Dette er en fantastisk god fluestang som klarer balansen mellom kasteegenskaper og fiskeegenskaper. Jeg har laget en egen artikkel om denne stangen her: Test Greys GR70

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